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"Since then, 24,000 of these have been sold to the private market and the current rate of sales is more than one home per day under Right To Buy. “The Council’s housing policy favours mixed-tenure …

Entry-level buyers have been plagued by a short supply of affordable homes for sale. A slight rise in interest rates caused a pullback in mortgage demand last week. total application volume fell 2.5 …

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A short sale occurs when a property is sold at a price lower than the amount the homeowner owes on the mortgage, and the homeowner’s mortgage lender(s) agrees to the "short" payoff.

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Buyers pursue short sales to get a good deal, and they firmly believe buying a short sale will present that opportunity. So when you see a price listed for a home that you think is too low for the neighborhood, before you jump on that price like hot fudge on a sundae, ask your agent to call the listing agent to find out if the home is a short sale.

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Can I Buy A Home Again After A Short Sale? Millions of Americans have went through a short sale in the last few years. If you are one of these people, you are not alone!

How to Buy a Short Sale Home? Buying a short sale home involves a simple process, but it’s important to understand. It can take some time to negotiate the price you want and have the lender process it, but once they do, the deals are well worth the time and effort.

Short-Term or Long-Term Capital Gain or Loss As a general rule, you determine whether you have short-term or long-term capital gain or loss on a short sale by the amount of time you actually hold the property eventually delivered to the lender to close the short sale.

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