How Much Does A Permanent Foundation For A Mobile Home Cost

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FHA HUD Approved Foundation complete how much does it cost to lay a concrete slab foundation for a 60×32 double wide; how match cost to lay brick veneer about 3000 sq feet; how much does it cost to put a foundation under a 24×52 double wide; cost to relevel a double wide in denton tx; How much will it cost to build a 20×25 screen porch with roof on my double wide.

Jan 27, 2012  · Permanent foundation cost estimate for double-wide(manufactured home) – Please Help?? Discussion in ‘Home, Garden, and Yard’ started by lac, Jan 17, 2012.

Basement foundations are often poured for manufactured homes, not a mobile home. These types of foundations, as you can imagine, will provide a strong structural foundation and essentially double your living space. The construction costs are higher due to the …

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Permanent foundations. As the name suggest, these foundations cannot be removed and placed somewhere else. Going with the permanent option allows the owner to affix his/her mobile home to the foundation permanently. permanent foundations meet the requirements for your home to be seen as “real property” in most cases.

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Besides possible appreciation, another benefit to permanently affixing a mobile home to a foundation is that it usually qualifies for mortgage financing.

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The mobile home was built in 1998. We paid $60,000 for the land and mfh and we were hoping to sell for closer to $100,000 based on comps. Renting and owner-finance, while I know can be profitable, are not our favorite options right now because we were hoping to use the profit from this land to buy our next house.

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